Thursday, February 25, 2010

Broke Sky Gets IFC Release

Buzzard Films and Clan Cameron Cinema are proud to announce the Video On Demand premiere of the motion picture BROKE SKY, straight from its very successful festival run over the last two years. IFC Films has picked up exclusive distribution rights to the neo-noir, and will premiere the film on February 24, and will be available thru April 26, 2010. BROKE SKY stars Will (THE NEW WORLD) Wallace, Joe (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK) Unger, Bruce (CHINATOWN) Glover, Duane (PULP FICTION) Whitaker, Barbara (FAST FOOD NATION) Chisholm, and is the directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Thomas L. Callaway.

BROKE SKY garnered rave reviews from the nation's critics:

VARIETY..."An exceptional example of American regional indie filmmaking, audaciously shifts gears into a powerful noir that one ups John Dahl".

AUSTIN CHRONICLE..."Well composed imagery and precise camera angles...strong performances lubricate the film's tonal shifts".

LA WEEKLY..."moves from glint-eyed classicism to macabrely funny neo-noir...has energetic direction and game lead performances".

BROKE SKY was shot on location in Waco, Texas, on glorious widescreen 35 millimeter film, and has been compared to such films as NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and BLOOD SIMPLE. IFC will be making the film available in a variety of outlets, please check on their website ( details.

Available on these Cable Systems:

TIME WARNER Ch. 1000 > Movies on Demand > IFC In Theaters

COMCAST Ch. 1 > Indies & Foreign - IFC Festival Direct

COX Ch. 1 > Movies on Demand > IFC In Theaters

CABLEVISION Movies on Demand > Independent Films > IFC Festival Direct

BRIGHT HOUSE Movies on Demand > IFC In Theaters




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Starring Will Wallace Joe Unger and Bruce Glover

Original Score by Kristopher Carter Michael McCuistion Lolita Ritmanis

Duane Whitaker Barbara Chisholm Marco Perella

Jennifer Matyear Jamielyn Kane Chris Messersmith Brooklin Bailey

Sound Design by Juniper Post Written by Scott Phillips John Howard

and Frank Paterson Brian Muir Dan Golden Thomas L. Callaway

Produced by Jeff Burr Karchi Perlmann Eric Miller Dan Golden

Produced, Photographed and Directed by Thomas L. Callaway


Christian Cisneros
The Moving Image Company

Cell: (512) 668-4276


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